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#ifndef __TBF_H__
#define __TBF_H__

// Need a time interval.

#define TBF_MAX_QUEUE   2       // Maximum of 2 queued packet per
#define TBF_MAX_SIZE    3000    // Maxiumum queued packet size is 2048.

#define TBF_MAX_CREDIT  6000    // Maximum 6000 bytes of credit.
#define TBF_RATE        360     // 360 bytes per 1/10th of a second.

typedef struct {
      int         credit;
      int         lasttime;
      int         queued;
      int         oldest;           // Position of packet in the ring buffer.
      sessionidt  sid;        // associated session ID.
      int         max_credit; // Maximum amount of credit available (burst size).
      int         rate;       // How many bytes of credit per second we get? (sustained rate)
      void        (*send)(sessionidt s, uint8_t *, int); // Routine to actually send out the data.
      int         prev;       // Timer chain position.
      int         next;       // Timer chain position.

      uint32_t    b_queued;   // Total bytes sent through this TBF
      uint32_t    b_sent;           // Total bytes sucessfully made it to the network.
      uint32_t    p_queued;   // ditto packets.
      uint32_t    p_sent;           // ditto packets.
      uint32_t    b_dropped;  // Total bytes dropped.
      uint32_t    p_dropped;  // Total packets dropped.
      uint32_t    p_delayed;  // Total packets not sent immediately.

      int         sizes[TBF_MAX_QUEUE];
      char        packets[TBF_MAX_QUEUE][TBF_MAX_SIZE];
} tbft;

void init_tbf(int num_tbfs);
int tbf_run_timer(void);
int tbf_queue_packet(int tbf_id, char * data, int size);
int new_tbf(int sid, int max_credit, int rate, void (*f)(sessionidt, uint8_t *, int));
int free_tbf(int tid);
void fsck_tbfs(void);

int cmd_show_tbf(struct cli_def *cli, char *command, char **argv, int argc);

#endif /* __TBF_H__ */

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