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// L2TPNS Clustering Stuff
// $Id: cluster.h,v 1.14 2005/07/31 10:04:10 bodea Exp $

#ifndef __CLUSTER_H__
#define __CLUSTER_H__

#define C_HEARTBEAT           1
#define C_ACK                 2
#define C_PING                3
#define C_TUNNEL        4     // Tunnel structure.
#define C_SESSION       5     // Session structure.
#define C_GOODBYE       6
#define C_LASTSEEN            7     // Tell master the last heartbeat that I handled.
#define C_KILL                8     // Tell a slave to die.
#define C_FORWARD       9     // Forwarded packet..
#define C_BYTES               10    // Update byte counters.
#define C_THROTTLE            11    // A packet for the master to throttle. (The TBF tells direction).
#define C_CSESSION            12    // Compressed session structure.
#define C_CTUNNEL       13    // Compressed tunnel structure.
#define C_GARDEN        14    // Gardened packet
#define C_MASTER        15    // Tell a slave the address of the master.
#define C_FORWARD_DAE         16    // A DAE packet for the master to handle

#define HB_VERSION            5     // Protocol version number..
#define HB_MAX_SEQ            (1<<30)     // Maximum sequence number. (MUST BE A POWER OF 2!)
#define HB_HISTORY_SIZE       64    // How many old heartbeats we remember?? (Must be a factor of HB_MAX_SEQ)

#define PING_INTERVAL         5     // 0.5 seconds. Needs to be short to keep session tables fresh.
#define HB_TIMEOUT            (15*2*PING_INTERVAL) // 15 seconds without heartbeat triggers an election..

#define CLUSTERPORT           32792
#define CLUSTER_MAX_SIZE      32    // No more than 32 machines in a cluster!

#define DEFAULT_MCAST_ADDR    ""         // Need an assigned number!
#define DEFAULT_MCAST_INTERFACE     "eth0"

typedef struct {
      uint32_t version; // protocol version.
      uint32_t seq;           // Sequence number for this heatbeat.
      uint32_t basetime;      // What time I started
      uint32_t clusterid;     // Id for this cluster?

      uint32_t highsession;   // Id of the highest in-use session.
      uint32_t freesession;   // Id of the first free session.
      uint32_t hightunnel;    // Id of the highest used tunnel.
      uint32_t size_sess;     // Size of the session structure.

      uint32_t size_tunn;     // size of the tunnel structure.
      uint32_t interval;      // ping/heartbeat interval
      uint32_t timeout; // heartbeat timeout

      uint64_t table_version; // # state changes processed by cluster

      char reserved[128 - 13*sizeof(uint32_t)]; // Pad out to 128 bytes.
} heartt;

typedef struct {        /* Used to update byte counters on the */
                        /* master. */
      uint32_t sid;
      uint32_t pin;
      uint32_t pout;
      uint32_t cin;
      uint32_t cout;
} bytest;

typedef struct {
      in_addr_t addr;         // peer address
      uint32_t ver;           // version of structure.
      uint32_t undef;         // Number of undefined structures. 0 if up-to-date.
      uint32_t basetime;      // start time of this peer.
} pingt;

int cluster_init(void);
int processcluster(uint8_t *buf, int size, in_addr_t addr);
int cluster_send_session(int sid);
int cluster_send_tunnel(int tid);
int master_forward_packet(uint8_t *data, int size, in_addr_t addr, int port);
int master_forward_dae_packet(uint8_t *data, int size, in_addr_t addr, int port);
int master_throttle_packet(int tid, uint8_t *data, int size);
int master_garden_packet(sessionidt s, uint8_t *data, int size);
void master_update_counts(void);
void cluster_send_ping(time_t basetime);
void cluster_heartbeat(void);
void cluster_check_master(void);
void cluster_check_slaves(void);
int cmd_show_cluster(struct cli_def *cli, char *command, char **argv, int argc);

#endif /* __CLUSTER_H__ */

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